The Sunshine Coast is home to ex-HMAS Brisbane; a navy ship sunk off the coast of Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast and a haven for Scuba Dive enthusiasts. However only certified divers are allowed to dive the wreck, and therefore must have an up-to-date Scuba Dive certificate.

At the Golden Beach Medical Centre, Dr Evan Jones is a qualified dive medical examiner. In order to undertake a learn to dive course you will need to pass a medical assessment and examination in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS4005.1). Scuba Diving is an exciting sport, but there are certain medical conditions that if present make it dangerous for someone to Scuba Dive. Therefore a thorough assessment and examination of your health by a suitably qualified medical professional prior to undertaking a Scuba Diving course is very important.

What is a current certificate of medical fitness to dive?

A current certificate is one that is less than 12 months old which has not expired, been revoked or superseded. People doing underwater diving work will need to have an annual medical examination to obtain a ‘current’ certificate.

A certificate of medical fitness to dive is a certificate that:

  1. is issued by a doctor who has satisfactorily completed training in diving medicine approved by the Board of Censors of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS); and
  2. Contains the following information:
  • name of the person who holds the certificate;
  • date the certificate was issued;
  • the person’s medical fitness to dive according to fitness criteria in AS/NZS 2299.1:1999 Occupational diving operations , appendix A, paragraph A3; and
  • Any limitations on diving imposed by the doctor.

For Divers under 18 year of age:

While AS 2299 – 1992 fitness criteria specifies a minimum age of 18 for divers, the regulation allows persons under the age of 18 to hold a certificate of medical fitness to dive as there are circumstances where persons under the age of 18 may wish to do underwater diving work. Whether a person under 18 is declared fit to dive or not is a matter for the doctor’s discretion. The type of diving work the person intends to do may be a relevant factor in assessing whether the person is fit to dive.

If the person is under the age of 18, the doctor may issue a certificate but the certificate must show –

  • that apart from being under 18, the person is medically fit to dive in accordance with AS 2299 – 1992, appendix A, paragraph A3 with no limitations on diving even though the person is under 18; or
  • That apart from the limitations on diving stated on the certificate, the person is medically fit to dive in accordance with AS 2299 – 1992, appendix A, paragraph A3. The certificate must show which, if any, of the limitations are imposed because the person is under 18.

If you’re planning on diving, avoid disappointment and make sure that your certificate is up-to-date. Make an appointment today for your dive medical examination at Golden Beach Medical Centre.