Helping You Achieve Your Potential

Occasionally we need assistance coping with everyday life. Individuals are able to seek professional help to clarify their concerns, explore options and possibilities and adopt more effective coping strategies to help improve the quality of their everyday lives. Gail Baker is a psychologist who assists individuals to achieve these positive results. Identifying and addressing individual concerns is vital to good mental health and Gail Baker has years of experience and an extensive record of providing assistance in many areas. Gail is available at the Golden Beach Medical Centre to assist individuals with a wide range of conditions and concerns including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, stress and anger management issues, relationship conflict, sleeping difficulties, weight management, adjustment to injury and illness, self-esteem and self-confidence, and alcohol, substance and gambling issues to name a few. Gail uses a range of evidence based psychological treatments to assist the individual in achieving mental health.

Gail assists people to identify patterns (of thinking, feeling and doing) and changing these patterns by noticing what they are doing when things are going better. Repeating the same patterns means you will get the same results, however by doing something different, change usually happens. Gail assists individuals to focus on identifying what they are doing that works or has worked well and also to identify personal strengths and resources that individuals may have difficulty finding.

Private health fund rebates apply and are available through private health funds. Alternatively, rebates may be available, on referral from your GP through the Medical Benefits Scheme; however this needs to be discussed with your GP. Gail additionally consults with veterans for a range of issues.

Gail Baker is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Division of Independent Professional Practice, and abides by the highest professional standards and ethical guidelines, which include issues such as client confidentiality and duty of care.

If you have questions, seek advice or information on your own personal mental health, you can make an appointment to see Gail at Golden Beach Medical Centre; please phone the practice on 5492 1044 or directly on 0417769989. Gail visits every second Tuesday morning and every Thursday all day.