Jenny Cameron is a Credentialed Diabetic Educator who consults at Golden Beach Medical Centre every 3rd Friday afternoon of the month. She is available to help patients with the self-management of their diabetes.

Jenny believes the more patients know about their diabetes and about self-management the easier it is for them. Whether someone is a newly diagnosed diabetic or has had diabetes for years, there is much that can be learnt.

She is very experienced in insulin management, if this is required.

  • Would you like to know the latest news about diabetes?
  • Do you understand how your medications work and why?
  • Do you know when to take your blood glucose level so that you don’t prick your fingers unnecessarily?
  • What is a normal blood glucose level?
  • Jenny believes that diabetes shouldn’t rule your life.

Please see your GP regarding a referral for an individual appointment. Enhanced Care Plan appointments attract a Medicare Rebate or use your Private Health Insurance.