Bloom Hearing visits the Golden Beach Medical Centre every Wednesday and Friday to provide medical and industrial hearing assessments. Bloom Hearing has a highly experienced Audiologist and is able to provide you with advice on hearing loss and the latest in hearing aid technology. Our company prides itself on offering clients a comfortable assessment of their hearing, along with friendly and efficient customer service.

Bloom Hearing is accredited by the Office of Hearing Service’s to provide free hearing services to eligible veterans and pensioners. Many of Bloom Hearing’s services are also accepted by private health funds.

If you feel your hearing is deteriorating, why not pay us a visit? A full qualified audiometrist will:

  • Test your hearing – this pain-free procedure will pinpoint problem areas
  • Assess how we can assist you – if a medical referral is necessary, we will work closely with your doctor.
  • Advise on suitable hearing aid for your needs – to some people, size does matte: to others, ease of use is more important.
  • Fit and adjust the hearing aid to your needs – fine tuning is always required so you feel comfortable with your new hearing aid.

Appointments at the Golden Beach clinic can be arranged in-house with reception at the Golden Beach Medical Centre.